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Is This Stupidity?

August 18, 2015

I am supposed to be enjoying my holiday now and also basking in the euphoria of being a first day. Yes, I am a daddy, that’s is a story for another day. But here I am sitting on a cranky seat in a public hospital waiting for an ENT specialist to attend to me. What took you there? That’s a brilliant question, however, the answer wouldn’t be described in the same light. A simple act of pleasure devoid of an intelligence brought me here. That’s an ideal way of describing and act of stupidity that rarely elicits any form of empathy and sympathy.
In the wee hour of yesterday morning I was woken up by the cry of my boy, instead of helping my wife take care of him, I rather succumbed to the desire of my itching ear. I found a cotton bud handy and began to relish in the satisfaction that one gets from soothing the yearning of his ears. Lo and behold, when I brought it out, the cotton conspicuously bud was missing. Where has it gone? The deep recess of my ear. The announcement escaped from my mouth before I could hold it back. Instead of such pronouncement to elicit pity or sympathy from my wife, she gave me a glare that words along can’t do justice to. The way one would stare at a grown up who engaged in childish prank.
The first mistake done, instead of planning on seeing a doctor to bring it out, I “googled” the way out,DIY. I went in search of a pair of tweezers, bought it and brought it back to bring the foreign body off my ear. Unfortunately, I only succeeded in pushing it further in and perhaps sustaining some injuries inside.
Now here I am in BMH, more of a BOH, waiting to see a doctor with terrible ear pain and an inability to chew properly.
Is that stupidity?


Am Back

July 11, 2014

Sorry for dropping off the radar like that. It has been a wonderful yet busy time for me. A lot has happened in my life that I couldn’t even had time to type it out. I have written some things on paper but transferring them here has been an uphill task. Once again am so so sorry. Am back now and to stay.
I would not want to bore you with all that happened. The fact is that am not sure the internet has the capacity to store all the info if it is in print. That’s an exaggeration,I guess you could tell that. Suffice me to just drops some hints about the important events in my life.
*Am still at my job,that is teaching. It may be challenging but interesting and fulfilling.
*I got married to my heartthrob who said “yes”. Remember her?
*I changed my church from an orthodox one to a more charismatic,energetic and re-invigorating pentecostal one.
It has been interesting. Don’t worry I would share some of it with you. Promise you would keep it a secret from my wife because am not sure she would support our story being shared just like that. All the same,it is so good to be back. Catch you later!

The Roaches, How I Hate You

July 11, 2014

The time is 4:00am, yes in the wee hour of the morning when sleep is most pleasurable. Yet I have been awake since 2:30am. But why am I awake? Roaches! awoken by a roach. Imagine that devilish creature on my bed. Not only that you had the audacity to climb my bed,crawl on my body but you woke my dear wife too.
That dirty,stinking creature, how much I hate you. You are damned with stench heralding your entry and also a reminder when you are gone. You woke me up again at this unholy hour,the battle line is drawn. Let us see who wins this battle and war.
It has gone on like this for almost a month now,where they come from I can hardly fathom. We are not lively in “bacha”, a temporary structure made of anything many for people to live in but in a one-bedroom flat in a very neat compound. Where then do they come from?
Where ever you stinking bastards emanate from to make my nights with my wife horrible, I promise you one thing; hunt you down and kill you all.


April 16, 2013
Oh dear

Oh dear

You walked away, just like that
You left me in a limbo, a state of uncertainty
A complete state of neglect and uncertainty
How could this be? You didn’t even leave a clue.
My source of joy just walked away, just like that
Not even an explanation, but just a casual brb
A thousand and one thoughts flood my head
As I stay here wondering where she could have gone to
What might have gone wrong
I cant bear this anymore
I need my baby back
My joy, my source of happiness
The one who puts a smile on my face
I need her back, wherever she ….. .


September 4, 2012

I am a teacher,yes I have just revealed a huge secret, that’s me. This is a new era in my life,an interesting and exciting one. The choice of my profession wasn’t planned,was merely the handwork of fate again. But that’s has already been talked about. The issue is not also what this job has done to my personal(private) life,that’s a story for another day.

Today is about my experiences with other teachers,teaching methods and their general level of competence. The seminar we had prompted me to put this down in black and white. The enormous and sensitive nature of this profession calls for more seriousness than I witness on a day-to-day basis.

We fancy borrowed terms and emphasize too much on borrowed methods which may not really work in our peculiar environments. The crazy demands from the employers and expectations from some parents are not worthy of any mention. Our methods need to be revised in light of the present day reality.

I listened to teachers a lot,my ears are modified for spotting ‘gbagauns’ in their grammar and the ‘bomb-shelling’ is gigantic,I mean HUGE.  Am not an epitome of knowledge,but then there is a level of ignorance that’s totally unacceptable for anyone who is saddled with the job of imparting knowledge to young minds.

They say ‘GIGO’,’garbage in,garbage out’,no wonder we have people like GEJ,his wife and one teacher at my former of work the students called Mr Gbagaun. What about the other RAINBOW people? If this trend continues,only God alone will rescue our educational section from total collapse.

I rest my case


September 3, 2012

My people say whenever someone wakes up is his or her morning. I have been asleep almost all my life. It now dawn on my that the essence of life is to live it to the fullest. The mistakes you make,make you the you you are. So don’t be scared of them,go ahead and make some more. Try new things. It is better to try and fail than not to try at all. In each trial,the best of you must be brought in or the effort shouldn’t have been made in the first place.

My dawn is now,my morning is just beginning. I will live my life with vigour but not without piety. Our sojourn here would be accounted for,I’ll love to have some interesting things to tell. I have treaded with too much caution all my life. They say no pain no gain,and the greater the risk, the greater the success.

This is about me,and only me. Although my daylight just shone in,my past would always be mentioned to drive home some points. Am so excited about this journey that is about to commence. On a daily,hourly or whatever time frame basis,my escapades and experiences will float on these pages for the perusal or scrutiny of anyone who cares to spare his or her time.

Wishing you an interesting time as you cruise with me


September 3, 2012

It has been my character, a kind of trademark,starting something I with the intention of seeing it to fruition or an end but never living up to that bidding. I scaled through smoothly from my primary school to the tertiary institution,no problem whatsoever. Don’t mind me,I had some hitches here and there but that is a different story entirely.

This is a tale of my unfinished businesses. The problem is that I more often than not meander into some ventures without necessarily thinking or making comprehensive plan. The push may emanate just from an emotional thrust triggered by events of the moments,I would delve into it with a detailed analysis of the outcome and the future implication.

As a child I have always wanted to be an international business man,what it takes to be that I never bothered to investigate nor work towards achieving it. I wrote JAMB simply because the form was purchased by the school and we had no option than to take part in it. My dad like you may already know died on a theatre slab which informed the choice of medicine and surgery. With a pass in Maths and English Language and a JAMB score of 198, that dream was discarded just the same way it was brought to the fore. I later got a remedial form from Unical but not before an attempt at Uniuyo or Unicross,whatever. That was the beginning of an eight year stay in Calabar,once again destiny determined by mere fate.

And it has continued throughout my life,none of my decisions or endeavors has been a deliberate one. The hand of fate has always been at work and I follow it sheepishly. Even in businesses, I move with the tide. This has resulted in the collapse of at least four of such ventures,but I still parade around with my Second Class (Upper Division). Shouldn’t I been ashame of it? I know the things I should and shouldn’t do,but do I adhere to them? No. Isn’t that termed foolishness?

It is time to take control of my destiny,fully plan out and analyze my actions. Execute them to logical conclusion and evaluate the outcome, learn from the mistakes and move on. It is easier said than done,but at least a trial wouldn’t hurt.