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April 6, 2013


It is every man’s dream to experience the all elusive phenomenon called love. Some never had the chance to experience it before their demise. Others have it in a short-lived relationship, only very few experience it in marriage. How blissful would it be to be married to someone you love and dreamt of?

Enough of the rambling, my dream girl just said yes to me. Yesterday I said I might just stay single, but that has changed drastically. I would be married sooner than later. I am the happiest man on the face of the earth; you need to see me beaming with smile from ear to ear, eager to share the good news to the world. A called to a very good friend indicated a busy network, I almost ran mad with impatience.

Life is really full of turns and twist. Just a little push may open the door to unprecedented piles of treasures; but he who rested on his oar at such defining moment has himself to blame. Life, they say is turn by turn. I guess this is my turn to smile.

Baby, you are the best thing to have happened to me. You could not have chosen a better moment to come along. You have brought back the spark that was lacking in my drape world. The one word changed my entire perception. Where I used to see problems, I see opportunity. My pessimistic views are all substituted with much better optimistic ones.

Sweetheart, am not the best but you made me your best. What else can I ask for from you? You have decided to complete my missing ribs against all odds. You have accepted to do the PUSHING I need. You bent your principles just to accommodate me.

My sweet lovely angel, I may not have the world to give you. However, I do pledge you my heart, and to you only would it belong. I do pledge to have your happiness as my guide when am tempted to falter. It would be both my job and responsibility to make you the happiest and envied woman on the face of the planet. This I do solemnly pledge.




September 3, 2012

I am me,an enigma. Love being mysterious and secretive. Writing found me,but I have done anything about it. In my solitude I encourage some dubious and absurd thought that are unprintable and shouldn’t even be allowed to come alive in any media form,otherwise… .

Blabbing is also one of my hobbies. Love people who have something intellectual to offer the world but abhor those who have been “trained” to react only without questions. Admire inquisitive humans and appreciate those who dream and work to turn their dreams into reality.

The rest about me you would discover when you read my posts,it is really about me.