Criticism is the easiest thing to do,especially the type that oozes out af an arm-chair critic. All of us are professionals in almost all spheres of life. We talk about all things as if we know all, I mean like the legendary Jack Of All Trade,but this time masters of all. We can all do better than the person on the mantle,so instead of helping him succeed,we drag him down for our chance to savor what he enjoyed

Our self-centredness has permeated every fibre of our very being. We have refused to accept division of labour and are completely ignorant or pretend to be of the concept of Comparative Advantage. All our pursuits must be for our own selfish gratification,nothing about rendering of service to humanity. We are so caught up in the me,myself and I attitude that we forgotten that if you lift your neighbour up when he slips,he would be standing and available to give you support as we journey through this slippery road.

Enough rambling. What pissed you off? You may ask. Our lackadaisical attitude towards time. Yes,that is it. Why was it invented if we had no intention of making use of it? Maybe we are still too primitive to appreciate the importance of time,punctuality and keeping to appointment. We are very quick to blame GEJ,but in our own little corner we have not done well. How can I man’s word not mean anything? What then differentiate us from animals?

Our appointment was for 10am yet at mid-day you are no where to be found. You are not even picking your calls again. The last time you answer was almost 30minutes ago and you were just by the corner. Uptil this moment you have not surfaced. Truth has been sacrified on the altar of greed. I smile at those who are very optimistic about our progress as a people. All I can see is a backward movement,retrogression if nothing is done about our attitude. My people perish for lack of vision. Am not sure we actually see beyond our noses,otherwise we won’t be exhibiting the type of attitude we flaunt.


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