My people say whenever someone wakes up is his or her morning. I have been asleep almost all my life. It now dawn on my that the essence of life is to live it to the fullest. The mistakes you make,make you the you you are. So don’t be scared of them,go ahead and make some more. Try new things. It is better to try and fail than not to try at all. In each trial,the best of you must be brought in or the effort shouldn’t have been made in the first place.

My dawn is now,my morning is just beginning. I will live my life with vigour but not without piety. Our sojourn here would be accounted for,I’ll love to have some interesting things to tell. I have treaded with too much caution all my life. They say no pain no gain,and the greater the risk, the greater the success.

This is about me,and only me. Although my daylight just shone in,my past would always be mentioned to drive home some points. Am so excited about this journey that is about to commence. On a daily,hourly or whatever time frame basis,my escapades and experiences will float on these pages for the perusal or scrutiny of anyone who cares to spare his or her time.

Wishing you an interesting time as you cruise with me


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