What the Heck is Happening?

The last time I had any form of respite was in 2012 and before that, unfortunately all disappeared and dissipated in 2013.

String or chain of inexplicable events have befallen me since that time in early 2013 when I met her. Our meeting was unplanned, unconventional and a little bizarre, however, it was unprecedented. Her innocence and principled nature hypnotized me and before the warmth of our embrace could get cold, I was damn eager to jump the broom with her. This was quite unlike my usual skeptical, cynical, nonchalant and suspicious self. That was the beginning of a new era. She wasn’t as eager and thrilled as I was, but the hand of fate made something else happened that sealed our fate. The knot was tied on the 28 of March 2013, few months after our first meeting.

The roller coaster then set in. We lost our baby December 29 of the same year through a mysterious circumstance. Before he finally did, we had cleared our accounts and had to borrow to clear the hospital bill.

2014 came with renewed hope, a brighter future anticipated. It will be an opportunity to heal, recover and start afresh. But before we could settle down, dry our tears and begin to learn how to smile again, my mom who had fallen ill since 2013, gave up the ghost. There we went again, through the unfortunate but familiar cycle of crying, mourning, regrets, spending and recovering. Mom was buried in month of March 2014, and we moved on.

My wife got pregnant again and gave birth to a handsome bundle of joy. We were living in a new clean apartment, life was good. That was until the 30th of September, the early morning of my wife’s birthday, when the dare devil armed robbers shattered the peace and tranquility of our new home. They carted away our belongings at gunpoint but left behind trauma that words can’t succinctly capture. Ya, shit do happen, we said and went ahead with our lives. Unfortunately, nature had another plan for us. Nine days later, robbers came calling again, they cut our burglary proof and went away with our television set. In a compound of nine flats, with only five months of our stay, armed robbers have visited four times and attacked only two flats. What is happening?

I had to relocate my wife and newborn. To take away from the traumatic zone. We first sojourned at my brother’s, then my sister’s the finally headed to my wife’s parents. The previous day before we traveled, my wife had call to intimate them of our homecoming. We had prepared to savour the massive welcome party that was to be held in honour of our son, the first and only grandson of Mr. Cyril Effiong. Then you will understand the shock, total bewilderment and disorientation that overwhelmed us when we met the whole house locked up on our arrival. Frantically, calls were placed and information sorted. Then came the news, my father in-law, a not too old man, has fallen into coma. Our planned jubilation had turned into unplanned condolence. The ugly hand of fate has played us again. His condition was terrible, he died few days later.
There we were, away from our home, faced with a mourning party with nowhere to go. What really is going on?


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