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Is This Stupidity?

August 18, 2015

I am supposed to be enjoying my holiday now and also basking in the euphoria of being a first day. Yes, I am a daddy, that’s is a story for another day. But here I am sitting on a cranky seat in a public hospital waiting for an ENT specialist to attend to me. What took you there? That’s a brilliant question, however, the answer wouldn’t be described in the same light. A simple act of pleasure devoid of an intelligence brought me here. That’s an ideal way of describing and act of stupidity that rarely elicits any form of empathy and sympathy.
In the wee hour of yesterday morning I was woken up by the cry of my boy, instead of helping my wife take care of him, I rather succumbed to the desire of my itching ear. I found a cotton bud handy and began to relish in the satisfaction that one gets from soothing the yearning of his ears. Lo and behold, when I brought it out, the cotton conspicuously bud was missing. Where has it gone? The deep recess of my ear. The announcement escaped from my mouth before I could hold it back. Instead of such pronouncement to elicit pity or sympathy from my wife, she gave me a glare that words along can’t do justice to. The way one would stare at a grown up who engaged in childish prank.
The first mistake done, instead of planning on seeing a doctor to bring it out, I “googled” the way out,DIY. I went in search of a pair of tweezers, bought it and brought it back to bring the foreign body off my ear. Unfortunately, I only succeeded in pushing it further in and perhaps sustaining some injuries inside.
Now here I am in BMH, more of a BOH, waiting to see a doctor with terrible ear pain and an inability to chew properly.
Is that stupidity?



August 14, 2015

Initially, I was of the same school of thought who believed that GEJ’ tenure should not be probed. And if it has to be, then all past administrations must be probed too. That was then. But now I reason differently, my opinion is that if GEJ’s government is not even probe for the herculean allegation of financial improprieties, then it must be probe for stupidity.