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The Linda Ikeji Saga: COMPLACENCY?

October 9, 2014


This life is indeed a maze of twist and turns. Unlike some mazes and puzzles, the key to their resolution is always enmeshed in a pattern. A careful study of the pattern will unravel a previously difficult brain teasing puzzle. But life is not like that, it lacks a definite formula to fathom the way it works. Even my pastor once said that to unravel and understand life, you need to be connected to your source. How do you get linked with your source? The answer lies in the words in the holy book. But here lies another headache, to a mere mortal the words can contradict itself and left him even neck deep in a dilemma.

How do people get out of this kind of conundrum,? Yes, a self inflicted one at that. I was pondering about the recent happening in the blogosphere; the suspension of Linda Ikeji’s blog to be precise. It actually took me on an imaginative excursion to places never traveled. The mind explored all the pros and cons of the argument put across by both fans and haters. Although, I am an ardent reader of that blog, my emotion was quite intact. I actually lacked the ability to express any feeling as the whole drama unfold.

All that came to my mind is just one question? How careless and complacent can one be with his/her source of livelihood? I wish we all learn from such negligence.