The Roaches, How I Hate You

The time is 4:00am, yes in the wee hour of the morning when sleep is most pleasurable. Yet I have been awake since 2:30am. But why am I awake? Roaches! awoken by a roach. Imagine that devilish creature on my bed. Not only that you had the audacity to climb my bed,crawl on my body but you woke my dear wife too.
That dirty,stinking creature, how much I hate you. You are damned with stench heralding your entry and also a reminder when you are gone. You woke me up again at this unholy hour,the battle line is drawn. Let us see who wins this battle and war.
It has gone on like this for almost a month now,where they come from I can hardly fathom. We are not lively in “bacha”, a temporary structure made of anything many for people to live in but in a one-bedroom flat in a very neat compound. Where then do they come from?
Where ever you stinking bastards emanate from to make my nights with my wife horrible, I promise you one thing; hunt you down and kill you all.


One Response to “The Roaches, How I Hate You”

  1. Hummel Says:

    Pls kill them all

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