Am Back

Sorry for dropping off the radar like that. It has been a wonderful yet busy time for me. A lot has happened in my life that I couldn’t even had time to type it out. I have written some things on paper but transferring them here has been an uphill task. Once again am so so sorry. Am back now and to stay.
I would not want to bore you with all that happened. The fact is that am not sure the internet has the capacity to store all the info if it is in print. That’s an exaggeration,I guess you could tell that. Suffice me to just drops some hints about the important events in my life.
*Am still at my job,that is teaching. It may be challenging but interesting and fulfilling.
*I got married to my heartthrob who said “yes”. Remember her?
*I changed my church from an orthodox one to a more charismatic,energetic and re-invigorating pentecostal one.
It has been interesting. Don’t worry I would share some of it with you. Promise you would keep it a secret from my wife because am not sure she would support our story being shared just like that. All the same,it is so good to be back. Catch you later!


One Response to “Am Back”

  1. Hummel Says:

    Well done on the church issue. Wish you a spirit-filled xtiAn life

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