Did President Jonathan Give Mimiko One Month To Dump LP For PDP?

Reports indicate that Governor Olusegun Mimiko  of Ondo State may soon dump from his party, Labour Party (LP) for the ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party.

It was learnt that the decision was taken in a meeting, which had some PDP leaders from South West and Mimiko , Aso Rock , Abuja.

Dr. Mimiko was said to have successfully reclaimed his mandate in 2009 after a legal believed to have been influenced by President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to reports from Daily Post,  Mimiko  is seen as one of the major beneficiaries of Jonathan’s administration to the extent he is regarded a PDP bigwig in South West.

A source, who is also the major financier of PDP in the South West, said the pressure is now on Mimiko to dump his party and join PDP since it won Ekiti election.

The time frame, according to the source close to the PDP, became imperative due to President Goodluck Jonathan’s readiness to declare his intention to run for second term soonest.

Mimiko is expected to be part of the those that will grace the official declaration of the president.

Continuing, the source said “delegates are very important to congress, if Mimiko refused to declare for the PDP and properly decamp openly, how will he be parts of the delegates selection process?”

“That means that Mimiko must decamp to the PDP because if he doesn’t , Olusola Oke and other leaders will be the one to nominate delegates and take charge of the party in Ondo state”

He said if the governor refuse to join PDP openly , leaders like Oke will take over the leadership of the party in the state and Mimiko will only be floating even if he decamps later.

The PDP leader said “given the situation at hand, if Mimiko refuse to decamp with the one month ultimatum given to him, he may likely face the wrath of the Presidency or be ready to fight real hard with the federal might”.

When contacted on this issue, Mimiko Chief Press Secretary, Eni Akinsola did not pick calls.

A chieftain of LP, who preferred anonymity, said it is a sensitive matter that can only be reacted to by Governor Mimiko.

He, however, added that the body language of Mimiko has shown that he is working closely with the PDP.

We cannot independently verify the veracity of this article.


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