Ngeria:A Nation Of Absurdities

72 days ago in a quiet Chibok community North Eastern Nigeria,almost 300 innocent school girls were abducted in an interrupted operation that lasted not less than five hours. As I penciled this down,219 are still missing and our FG and SG are unable to categorically tell us what actually transpired that fateful night.
The brain behind the dastardly act had the audacity,effrontery and temerity to make video of the girls which was widely distributed and watched. To my chagrin, our govt did nothing. They only circulated some old pictures of soldiers which they claimed to be in hot pursuit of the terrorists. This like FFK would have said,was what their jaundiced imagination could give birth to.
Now the terrorists are more emboldened by the incompetence and complete cluelessness of our government. They have gone ahead to abducted more,even as young as 12 years. Imagine what these uncircumcised and demented people would do to them! I shudder in utter disgust,yet we have a govt who gets paid to provide us with security.
The FG claims not to know about this new abduction,the SG has said that they have no fact about it even when the terrorists have released a video.
What more can I say? This nation is ripe for a …, we can’t continue like this. “Those who make peaceful change…”


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