21 Members of Boko Haram Arrested In Abia State

Less than two weeks after suspected members of Boko Haram were arrested in Abia state, another set of 21 suspects believed to be members of the Islamic group travelling to Kano with several military uniforms concealed inside a luxurious bus were intercepted by the National Task Force (NATFORCE) at Amala in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu state.

Immediately  the news about the interception filtered into town, tension gripped the residents as they feared that there could be more to it.

It was gathered that the suspects left Aba, Abia state around 2pm for Kaduna and were intercepted at wee hour of Wednesday morning at a boarder community in Enugu state leading to the northern parts of the country.

Investigations revealed that an army sergeant on special duty at Xerox Construction Company in Ohaofia Abia state procured the military uniforms and employed the services of the suspects for onward delivery of the consignments to an army corporal in Kano for an undisclosed mission. The army sergeant whose identity was not ascertained as at the time of going to press was said to have been on the illegal business for quite a while before luck ran out on them.

A competent police source while speaking with our correspondent said the luxurious bus which they were travelling with which belongs to the Young Shall Grow Company was not fully loaded at Aba but stopped over in Enugu to pick other passengers who unknowingly mixed up with the dreaded Islamic sects to Kaduna.

The arrest of the 21 suspects at Obollo-Afor has reportedly sent shivers to residents of the area and the entire South-East that were still grappling with the insecurity in the nation.

However, reacting to the development, the Commissioner of Police, Adamu Abubakar said that full scale investigations will be carried out to authenticate the true mission of the 21 suspects.

“I wouldn’t tell you we arrested people with arms or whatever but all that I know is that we have arrested some people and we did not say they are Boko Haram because people can speculate. For us we don’t speculate until we investigate and after the investigation, we come up with the facts. We have arrested some people from Obolloafor and the matter has just been transferred to us from Obolloafor, but we have not yet gone into the facts of the case, the moment we get details, we will call you back or do a press release. People should know what is happening”, he said

At about 11.30 am  Wednesday, the suspects whose ages ranged between 20 and 35 years were brought to the state police headquarters by the luxury bus accompanied by full military and police security escorts.


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