What does this face say?

What does this face say?

How much can the face tell? As I head towards the bus station in a taxi to board a bus to the village,I can’t help but look and scrutinize the faces of every passers-by just to see if I could catch a glimpse of what the mind tells.

From the faces of co-passengers to pedestrians I wonder what could be going on in their minds. Some had smiling faces,some plain but some wear a total disgust. A man just drove by with a facial expression that reminds me of an owl. Some other person has a facial expression that could make him an amiable individual. How much can you really get from a face? On some faces you can read a whole lot of sadness,some a whole tale of poverty is grimly engraved.

I once did a personal ‘study’ of the faces of some police in Lagos state. What I read was too appalling to bring to fore. Their eyes were terrible,they show pure cases of corruption and indecency. No element of purity could be read from most of them. Some that were a little clean could also be spotted out.

Have you ever seen the eyes of a killer? Pray you never behold so a deadly and scary sight. Those eyes are blank and dead.
The eyes don’t lie,they have on them indelibly etched stories and experienced by the owner. If only one is capable of reading or deciphering the encryptions on them, what an unraveling journey that would be. What a story one would derive from such a maze embedded in them.



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