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November 25, 2013


it all went gaga

It has really been a while! I missed blogging and all. Where have you been? That is the question that I guess readily comes to your mind. It is a long story. It would unveil itself as time goes on, but for now my helplessness is what prompted this piece.

Here I am in the office and my wife is at home feeling terribly weak. Do not even think about it. Don’t ask me any questions. Yes am married, remember that pretty damsel that finally said yes to me? She is my wife. Like I said the story would slowly but surely be told. Back to the issue at hand, my wife. What do I do? Should I leave my place of work and run home to attain to her? Sorry, I forgot to mention that she is all by herself, we have no house help, and we didn’t need one.  But now I have come to realise that we not only want one but need one. I had to digress again. How do I leave a capitalistic organization and rush to behold my wife who needs me now? How do I explain to my boss that I have to go home? When I analysed all my options, I realised that I was between the devil and the deep blue sea. I had no choice but to stay back hoping that at least by 4p.m I would be at home.

Alas! Even that wasn’t to be. Some minutes to the time we were informed that none was to go home until the inspectors say so. All hope was lost. I placed a call to my wife that I could no longer make it home at 4p.m.; the silence at the other hand was enough to cause an earthquake. But what could I do? As God would have it, the inspectors came late and I wasn’t able to get home until after seven o’ clock.

When I finally got home, I met my wife in a very poor shape, weak and hungry. She told me she could actually make do with palm oil rice. I folded my sleeves and got prepared to work. There was no rice and other stuffs, so I went out and bought them. When I came back, I prepared everything and put the pot on fire. Guess what happened next? There was no gas in the cylinder. By now it was almost 10p.m. I brought down the electric rice cook, but it refused to work properly, the rice still uncooked and soaked in water. I couldn’t refill the gas at that unholy hour. I had to go out to buy kerosene stove that very night.

At long last, the food was cooked and the eating took place at mid-night. What a day that was? It started and ended in such an unexplainable way.