A female hawker enjoying attention from male customers

A female hawker enjoying attention from male customers

I do wonder what goes on in the minds of those who find fun in abusing young girls while they hawk their wares. Even more intriguing is the major reason why parents and guardians expose these kids on a day-to-day basis to the wimps and caprices of some wolves in sheep clothing. But be as it maybe,what satisfaction is derivable from the actions of the men who engage in this practice?
The fact remains that this practice goes on unabated to the extent that it has become a norm in some areas. Those who don’t indulge in it are the ones regarded as variants. It is my belief that such primitive and crude behaviour is traceable to the dearth of morality in our society. It has indeed become a place where money is the only yardstick for measuring everything. A wealthy man is a man of integrity. It has indeed degenerated to such level,no one can truly tell an absurd behaviour from an acceptable way of life. The kids brought up in such confused environment definitely would direction. To them it is a jungle,a place were everything and anything goes. When the foundation is faulty,what can the righteous do?
This is not a time for complaints,it isn’t time for buck passing. It is a time for well meaning and responsible individual to take up the baton and fight the battle against any perceived societal ill. Silence in the face of atrocity is the betrayal of the gift of voice and those who do that are culpable of the same crime. The battle is ours and the time is now.


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