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May 3, 2013




It is interesting how the other side of the day is spent by different folks. Most people are responsible looking at day light and especially saint-like on Sundays. But at night a trip to some of the “dens” in any town would reveal the true animal nature of the creature called humans. I decided to take myself out for a treat at Bougainvillea, a popular spot in Port Harcourt. It is a well known place in GRA phase 3. The area that it is located is a very notorious one. In that neighbourhood are the likes of Casablanca, SPORTBAR, etc.
Even as a passer-by, the aura about the area smell of its notoriety. At night skimpily clad or almost naked girls, mothers and grandmothers litter the sidewalk soliciting for customers. They would beckon on you,if you are interested price haggling would ensure. I do sometimes wonder what goes on in their minds,not even an iota of shame left again.
Sorry for the digression,my trip to CB that night was to catch a glimpse of what people would do for money. Human beings have condescended so low just to put food on the table; I never believed the could go lower to the level I witnessed that night. Most of us do what we never dreamed us a kids just to subsist. Some have definitely recreated a new and lowest threshold in the debasement of humanity. I chuckle when people talk about reparation for the years of enslavement we suffered at the hands of the slave traders. It is really illogical,because it takes two to tango. What about now? Aren’t we still enslaved?
As I sit and watch responsible looking girls scuttle oyibo for a night stand my heart bleed for humanity. These are the same girls we would marry one day. The same girls who would later become mothers to boys and girls. The same people that would later want to instill discipline on their kids.
What a world we live in! A world of absurdities and double standard. We are at the cliff of oblivion,a little tilt and humanity as we know it is completely eradicated. Only God can save us.