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Dear Future Husband,

I am writing this with the smallest glimmer of hope that somehow this would catch your attention amidst the thousand responses you are sure to get. I loved the letter you wrote to me a while back although i must confess my hopes were dashed. You see, i am a size 8 without a 36D bust size.

I watch you from the background and i laugh at all your silly jokes, you make igbo seem so sexy and i can hardly wait to learn. I understand how mama wants to see you settle down and i can’t wait to meet her. I am sure i would love her and be a daughter to her.
I miss you everyday we are apart and can hardly wait until we meet and start the rest of our lives together.

My mom says when i fall in love i wear my heart on my sleeves and so i am usually quite cautious. For some reason, i am almost certain i won’t be scared to fall around you. For some reason everytime i picture you as a knight in shinning armour you are always holding the helmet (maybe it’s because your head wont fit in) lol.

I envisage the first time we meet; your late so i dash into the ladies to calm my nerves, when i get back your seated beside some other lady trying to woo I figure we would spend the whole evening laughing about it.

I love the beach, its my best place in the world for some reason my senses are heightened whenever i am there. Music solves everything for me, it’s the arms that draw me closer when your not there, it’s my friend and hiding place when everyone in the world acts crazy.

Three kids is perfect as long as you ensure we have twins on the first try. I promise never to wear a hairnet, if you promise to teach me igbo.

I love the songs you came up with for our wedding but pretty please could we include “be there” – tu face, “at last”- beyonce and “from this moment”- shaina twain. Somewhere in the midst of all this i would love to dance to “I loved her first” with my dad. I would love an intimate wedding, with only our closet friends there, i think it would be much more fun.

I am far from perfect, i could be very naughty but this i promise you: I would love you unconditionally every second of everyday, we would never sleep with our backs turned against each other, your people would be my people, i would sacrifice everything i have to see you happy, i would respect you even when you hurt me, every word from your mouth would be my truth and we would never part till death.

Hurry up and let’s start our “happy ever after”

This was gotten from Noble Igwe’s site.



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