What else could I call this? My friend always accuses me of whining. She believes that a man is supposed to talk less even in the face of daunting task, but should be able to concentrate and fashion out modality to confront the issue at hand. She is of the opinion that no problem is without a solution. So why waste precious time blabbing when you could use that time to face the impediment headlong?

My mum also never complained to us but fought hard to provide food on the table at the demise of my father. We never saw her on bed even if she was ill. She knew that no amount of words could fill the stomach of a hungry child. Or how would she have explained to us that lack of money was the reason we were at home while our mates were in school?  If women could view issues this way, why would the men who are the heads view them differently?

Let us dissect the speech of President at a routine church service – to commemorate Nigeria’s 51st Independence Anniversary;

“I don’t need to be a lion. I don’t need to be Nebuchadnezzar. I don’t need to operate like the Pharaoh of Egypt. I don’t need to be an army general but I can change this country without those traits.

“You know these days for you to be an intellectual and for people to listen to you, you have to abuse government. Somebody was asking, is Nigeria on an auto pilot? Meaning a plane without a pilot and I say Nigeria is being piloted by God himself.

“It is not going to be easy, but with God using you and us, we will get to where we want to go.”

My question is what was he trying to say? Nigerians do not need a tyrant that is why they didn’t go with Buhari. They chose you because of your humility; they saw some qualities in you that they admired. They voted for you because you were the first graduate who would be at the helm of the affairs in our country. Some voted for you simply because you are from Niger delta; they voted for change, not the same old clique.

They never voted to inaction; they never voted for directionless; they never voted for insecurity; they never voted for boko haram; they never voted to poverty neither did they vote for confusion. Nigerians want to know that there is someone in charge. They want to know where we are heading as a people, so that they would know when we get there. They are not interested in overnight change, but let us know something is being done. We are very patient people but we are not stupid.

“When Obama spoke during the Security Council meeting outside the General Assembly, he commended Nigeria, but back home, we are being abused. When the President of South Africa and Gabon spoke, they commended Nigeria, but here, we are not being appreciated. But what I can assure you is that Nigeria is on course and with your prayers and the guidance of God, we will surely get to the destination we are going”

What was the essence of the above utterance?  What do you need commendations for? Nobody compelled you to accept the position you are occupying. Even if you perform well you are doing your work which you are paid to do. At the moment we do not know your direction or plans for the country, why then would people praise you. Your campaign manifesto never asked for praises before deliverables. It was full of promises which I believe you might have forgotten and perhaps never meant to keep. Please Mr President, deliver and allow posterity to judge you.

Mr GEJ, we are tired of rhetoric, we need action. If you know the enemies of you administration, don’t tell us, dialogue or eliminate them. Do whatever you have to do, we are interested in the result not your method. You could go to sleep if you want; you could allow you wife to be in-charge, I don’t care but please in the midst of all these fashion out a strategy that would deliver your campaign promises on the tables of Nigerians. At the end that is all that would matter and judgement would be based on that premise.

Wrote this some time ago, but did not publish it. Please do leave a comment after reading this.


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