I wrote this article some days before i became a changed person, before she came in and change my life for good. But for the reading pleasure of my fans I would still post this.

Here is a public service announcement. I need a baby mama. I am not really keen at marrying anyone at this moment, all I want is a baby mama.

Marriage is to me the joining of two like minds; the merging of two complementary minds to form a whole. I have searched, but the better half has not yet been found. It would be contrary to the natural processes. That in itself would be a recipe for catastrophe.

However, procreation is also a natural assignment given to us to continue this race. In order to fulfill such noble task, I need a baby mama.The decision was made when I realized how incompatible I was with those who have crossed my path. Action was taken to actualize this dream, but she chickened out at the last minute.

There is no relenting this time, if you are interested, wana be my baby’s mama tweet at me  @abtme2012


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