Life is in phases, everybody passes through their different phases at different time. There are however no hard and fast rule about it.

Some live life as if they have lived before, they can predict the future to a reasonable extent while some just ramble through it. I live my life as it comes, makes mistakes and learn from them. I stumble along. My belief in the existence of God is however unwavering. Our freewill gives us the freedom to make choices but the final outcome is dictated by the ALMIGHTY GOD.

That do deter one from planning, taking actions and all that, but it encourages one to be more spiritual. The manifestation in the physical is orchestrated by the spiritual events.

We never planned to meet, yet we meet. We had no idea what may happen, yet we have discovered something so blissful and is out of this world. We are enjoying what most can only dream of. Your love has shone the light that has dispelled the shadow of doubts and pessimism that was found lurked in the inner recess of my mind.

We agreed that the past is a place of reference not that of residence. That is my past, immediate as it may be. I write to vent, to make myself happy not to make you unhappy. I do not want to mar what we share for any reason. Most of my writing although hug on the framework of truth and facts are garnished with fiction and abstract to guarantee a pleasant reading experience for the readers.

i just want to say am sorry if my write-up, DAMN, HIT AGAIN hurt you. When you hesitated that evening, I almost fainted because I went into the future but could not envision my future without you. I wrote to get me out of the shock your hesitation threw me into. I was in a trance and anything I did was “under the influence”.

Enough said, sweetheart, I AM SORRY.


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