What I want does not want it, but all that want me, I do not want. This sums up my predicament.

I am regarded as handsome by folks. The problem is that I cannot seem to have what I want. Am complicated than most people think, even to me. My body, mind and soul at moment of crisis never compromise. The head thinks differently, the heart harbour is its own parallel feeling and body’s opinion and reaction is at variance with the other two. What an absurdity?

Am tired of the maze they create; the riddles are becoming monotonous. I may just stay this way until that magical moment when the object of attraction would agree with the three.

Until then, I would scout for a surrogate parent to sire from this loin the one worthy to be the off-shoot of this complexity of a human.

I am provoked beyond measure. I do not need any individual to authenticate me. It is my personal decision to live a life that pleases me and damn what the society deems conventional.


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