Teaching used to be a noble profession in the then years. Teachers were revered and their opinion sorted and appreciated when given. No important decision was taken without their input. That was how invaluable they were before ‘civilization’.

Things have really changed now; nobility has been kicked out of teaching. Teachers are regarded a as not only destitutes, but failures. They are seen as scums and dregs of the society. How has the mighty fallen? The irony is that those who hold such perceptions were all trained by teachers.

Most of us who turn out to be disciplined and well brought up individuals have the teachers to thank for it. But we never dreamt of being teachers ourselves. The dearth of moral uprightness by our youths today is not far-fetched. Our priorities have shifted drastically from acknowledging content to praising mediocrity. Our value system is down at the lowest ebb. We appreciate the superficial because we lack the patience or the depth to understand and appreciate any cerebral stuff.

The enormity and magnitude of our acquisition determine our worth in the society today. Nobody cares about the source of the wealth as long as you are not caught with your hands dipped into the pie. Even those caught are praised and considered brilliant because they stole.

We brag about who we know but not what we know; because at the end of the day that is what matters. The content of one’s character doesn’t count, even the evaluators can’t see beyond their noses.

It hit me again, the harsh reality of our present world dawn on me. I sit here and ponder what the future holds for us as a people. Back to the event(s) that gave birth to this rambling. She (they) said NO when she (they) discovered I was a teacher. They would not have minded if I were into some fraudulent activities, but teaching, God forbid. The recent one put it to me more succinctly, “but you are smarter than that”. How can you possibly be smarter than a teacher? Teachers were meant to be the smartest. Why would we prefer to leave the important task of moulding our kids in the hands of dummies?

She wanted me to explain to her how she would convince his dad that she about to work down the aisle with a COMMON TEACHER. My … figures salary notwithstanding, she would have preferred a lower figure but with a different professional appellate, maybe an engineer, a doctor or something more fanciful.

It then dawned on me that inside those thick skulls decorated by pretty faces lies nothing but emptiness that cannot comprehend my elucidation let alone fathom a deeper truth than all the superficial adornment she is bestowed with. With that realization, I rest my case.

“Leave pretty women to men without imagination”


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