You can never be completely free if you are in the private sector and especially if you work for a typical Nigerian capitalists, they are slave drivers.They may be a little different from the Lebanese, have heard terrible things about them too, but they are terrible. I may not categorically determine the gender that is more devilish in inflicting pains and tormenting his or her employers. I have worked for both, and have come to the conclusion both are in a competition to determine the worse.

The moment you have accepted their offer, they believe the own you, your time is completely theirs.They seem to equate the length of time one hangs around at the place of work with productivity. Some totally lack the parameters to measure your contribution to their organization and only get to know your worth when you are gone.

Most bosses creates such a hostile environment for their workers , the air becomes so tensed that it can be cut with a knife. It is happening right now where i work, and i pray that the outcome would be pleasant. The interesting aspect of this is that the employers are not given any free hand to work, their steps are ordered by the management. Creativity and ingenuity are viewed with aspersion, yet they are blamed for the failure of any of such programmes. Sometimes i wonder why they were even employed in the first instance.

The people deserve the government they get, that is the saying. Most of these bosses are not better educated nor more talented that their employees, they are just risk takers. Maybe the workers deserve what they get by being treated so shabbily. Why should they be listened to? If they had anything good to offer, cant they first of all help themselves before helping another man achieve his dreams? That may be the thinking of some bosses. All the same be it say it may, hostile environment isn’t the ideal place of work. But then you can never be free until you are your own boss.


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