I wonder at times why people have to go to school to get an education just to be bosses when all they would ever do is find fault.

If management is all about fault finding, who needs some years in college to obtain certificate to do it? I mean any Tom, Dick an Harry can do that without any need to be schooled on how to do it.

Over the years, I have come across people in management positions who know nothing about it more than the way the word is spelled. Even the president of my country believes that the ability to share monthly allocation to the states and appointment of ministers and ambassadors are the only prerequisites to occupy the exalted position he is now on. Why the then do people spend so much on MBA program, if its application is that simple?

My boss is a fault finding one, she has no idea what motivation and vision stand for. Am quite sure she has not heard those words before. I do not blame her in any way, but those who see competence in any other skin color, except black. The unfortunate thing is that these people are so highly paid for doing absolutely nothing, yet we still worship them.

Management is much more than fault finding, especially when you are dealing with men and educated men at that. My boss, Miss Fault Finder and a welder of iron fist has refused to learn from history. She has decided not borrow a leaf from the Qaddafis and Mubaraks of this world. Threatening and confusing the organization can never be a good strategy. Portraying yourself as the best in all can never pass the test of time, none is an epitome of knowledge. You do not need to be the best to be in charge, all you need is the common sense to tap from the pool of experienced and professional hands at your disposal to you own advantage.

Fault finding and power welding would result in a revolt, when people are pushed to the wall, they definitely fight back. It does not pay at the end of the day, with you being at the losing end. Individual with those huge MBA may sometimes shelf those the framed certificate and make a little use of their common sense or learn fro history. I do wish my boss the best, because the fire she ignited may soon consume her.



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