Servile manner,fawning obsequiousness ,sycophancy, call it whatever you may, is the characteristic or an attribute of a very dubious being or one who is completely devoid of any cerebral prowess and capacity to think things out. As I sit down watching my colleagues fall over one another doing things the neither understand nor convinced about just to scuttle favor from our boss. I actually feel lost,wondering why I am in the midst of such a crop of people.

Most people were born dubious and have come to accept such as the norm,as part and parcel of them,nothing can alter their perception. They are so much enmeshed in their devilish ways that no action is too condescending for them on their journey to meeting their satanic goals.

I may be wrong in saying sycophants lack the capacity to intelligently analyze issues,it definitely takes a smart and cunning individual to be a perfect courtier. He has to be able to effectively tangle and untangle the weave of deceit in without suspicion. That’s for those who have a plan to ultimately scam the unsuspecting target.

What about those follow sheepishly just for the sake of it? Why do we have to please others and help them in achieving some hollow objectives even when we know we have a better one. Why stay a ‘yes man’ simply because you want to please others. I believe a good leader does not necessarily have to be the most intelligent,but one who has the ability to tap and utilize resources,both human and material around to optimum use. Divergent views should even be encouraged to afford a broader assessment of any issue before decision is arrived at.
It is a pity we still exist with that colonial fright and inferiority that thwarted and will continue diminish our competence and effectiveness if something isn’t done and on time too.


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