It has been my character, a kind of trademark,starting something I with the intention of seeing it to fruition or an end but never living up to that bidding. I scaled through smoothly from my primary school to the tertiary institution,no problem whatsoever. Don’t mind me,I had some hitches here and there but that is a different story entirely.

This is a tale of my unfinished businesses. The problem is that I more often than not meander into some ventures without necessarily thinking or making comprehensive plan. The push may emanate just from an emotional thrust triggered by events of the moments,I would delve into it with a detailed analysis of the outcome and the future implication.

As a child I have always wanted to be an international business man,what it takes to be that I never bothered to investigate nor work towards achieving it. I wrote JAMB simply because the form was purchased by the school and we had no option than to take part in it. My dad like you may already know died on a theatre slab which informed the choice of medicine and surgery. With a pass in Maths and English Language and a JAMB score of 198, that dream was discarded just the same way it was brought to the fore. I later got a remedial form from Unical but not before an attempt at Uniuyo or Unicross,whatever. That was the beginning of an eight year stay in Calabar,once again destiny determined by mere fate.

And it has continued throughout my life,none of my decisions or endeavors has been a deliberate one. The hand of fate has always been at work and I follow it sheepishly. Even in businesses, I move with the tide. This has resulted in the collapse of at least four of such ventures,but I still parade around with my Second Class (Upper Division). Shouldn’t I been ashame of it? I know the things I should and shouldn’t do,but do I adhere to them? No. Isn’t that termed foolishness?

It is time to take control of my destiny,fully plan out and analyze my actions. Execute them to logical conclusion and evaluate the outcome, learn from the mistakes and move on. It is easier said than done,but at least a trial wouldn’t hurt.


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