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September 8, 2012

Servile manner,fawning obsequiousness ,sycophancy, call it whatever you may, is the characteristic or an attribute of a very dubious being or one who is completely devoid of any cerebral prowess and capacity to think things out. As I sit down watching my colleagues fall over one another doing things the neither understand nor convinced about just to scuttle favor from our boss. I actually feel lost,wondering why I am in the midst of such a crop of people.

Most people were born dubious and have come to accept such as the norm,as part and parcel of them,nothing can alter their perception. They are so much enmeshed in their devilish ways that no action is too condescending for them on their journey to meeting their satanic goals.

I may be wrong in saying sycophants lack the capacity to intelligently analyze issues,it definitely takes a smart and cunning individual to be a perfect courtier. He has to be able to effectively tangle and untangle the weave of deceit in without suspicion. That’s for those who have a plan to ultimately scam the unsuspecting target.

What about those follow sheepishly just for the sake of it? Why do we have to please others and help them in achieving some hollow objectives even when we know we have a better one. Why stay a ‘yes man’ simply because you want to please others. I believe a good leader does not necessarily have to be the most intelligent,but one who has the ability to tap and utilize resources,both human and material around to optimum use. Divergent views should even be encouraged to afford a broader assessment of any issue before decision is arrived at.
It is a pity we still exist with that colonial fright and inferiority that thwarted and will continue diminish our competence and effectiveness if something isn’t done and on time too.



September 4, 2012

I am a teacher,yes I have just revealed a huge secret, that’s me. This is a new era in my life,an interesting and exciting one. The choice of my profession wasn’t planned,was merely the handwork of fate again. But that’s has already been talked about. The issue is not also what this job has done to my personal(private) life,that’s a story for another day.

Today is about my experiences with other teachers,teaching methods and their general level of competence. The seminar we had prompted me to put this down in black and white. The enormous and sensitive nature of this profession calls for more seriousness than I witness on a day-to-day basis.

We fancy borrowed terms and emphasize too much on borrowed methods which may not really work in our peculiar environments. The crazy demands from the employers and expectations from some parents are not worthy of any mention. Our methods need to be revised in light of the present day reality.

I listened to teachers a lot,my ears are modified for spotting ‘gbagauns’ in their grammar and the ‘bomb-shelling’ is gigantic,I mean HUGE.  Am not an epitome of knowledge,but then there is a level of ignorance that’s totally unacceptable for anyone who is saddled with the job of imparting knowledge to young minds.

They say ‘GIGO’,’garbage in,garbage out’,no wonder we have people like GEJ,his wife and one teacher at my former of work the students called Mr Gbagaun. What about the other RAINBOW people? If this trend continues,only God alone will rescue our educational section from total collapse.

I rest my case


September 3, 2012

I am me,an enigma. Love being mysterious and secretive. Writing found me,but I have done anything about it. In my solitude I encourage some dubious and absurd thought that are unprintable and shouldn’t even be allowed to come alive in any media form,otherwise… .

Blabbing is also one of my hobbies. Love people who have something intellectual to offer the world but abhor those who have been “trained” to react only without questions. Admire inquisitive humans and appreciate those who dream and work to turn their dreams into reality.

The rest about me you would discover when you read my posts,it is really about me.


September 3, 2012

What’s life to you? What do you think that everything is free will or things are written for us? Where do you see yourself in the near future? Aren’t you afraid you are going to make all the wrong choices? Job that you don’t really like, that doesn’t really make you happy? Getting married to somebody you don’t really love. I don’t want to live that way.

The above are all questions from a movie “HUNTERS” but are quite relevant to my present predicament. My life has been orchestrated by fate so far. From the JAMB I didn’t buy the form,the course I didn’t choose to the job I never dreamt of. I have never really stayed back to plan my life in details. As a child I always wanted to be an international businessman. Later in life I wanted to be a medical doctor(a surgeon to be precise) simply because my father died on a theatre slab. To be candid I never thought out the ways or map out plan on how to achieve these goals.

The above set of questions jolted me back to life,they give me things to ponder over. What’s life to me? I have made terrible mistake by not planning things to the end and executing them to the letter,but it has ended now. This is my dawn. Have accepted a job I neither like nor enjoy doing,a profession I neither trained for no dreamt of. It must stop now,my morning is here. Thank God I am not married yet, please no compromise there.


September 3, 2012

My people say whenever someone wakes up is his or her morning. I have been asleep almost all my life. It now dawn on my that the essence of life is to live it to the fullest. The mistakes you make,make you the you you are. So don’t be scared of them,go ahead and make some more. Try new things. It is better to try and fail than not to try at all. In each trial,the best of you must be brought in or the effort shouldn’t have been made in the first place.

My dawn is now,my morning is just beginning. I will live my life with vigour but not without piety. Our sojourn here would be accounted for,I’ll love to have some interesting things to tell. I have treaded with too much caution all my life. They say no pain no gain,and the greater the risk, the greater the success.

This is about me,and only me. Although my daylight just shone in,my past would always be mentioned to drive home some points. Am so excited about this journey that is about to commence. On a daily,hourly or whatever time frame basis,my escapades and experiences will float on these pages for the perusal or scrutiny of anyone who cares to spare his or her time.

Wishing you an interesting time as you cruise with me


September 3, 2012

Have you ever been in Brandy’s situation? The one that made her sang,”Have You Ever?”. It is a dangerous state to be found,confusing yet delightful. For those who are not in the know,let be try to put the chorus down in print.

“Have you ever loved somebody so much that it makes you cry
Have you ever needed something so badly you can’t sleep at night?
Have you ever tried to find the words but they don’t come out right?”

Most of us can relate with them,some very much dearly and closely. Others with only a passing fancy,but then all comprehends the message. It is always so disastrous being on the other side of the whip,but the the man holding it is not all that at home himself. It comes with responsibility for those who haven’t traded their conscience for a plate of porridge.

The one who loves in most cases wants an automatic reciprocation of his or her emotional thrust not minding the fact that the other party may see things from another perspective. In an attempt to ensure a return on his emotional investment, ends up portraying desperation and thus sends wrong signal to the party. Instead of what he seeks for an opposite of such is returned in manifold and invariably a crumpled relationship which otherwise would have resulted in a blissful union.


September 3, 2012

It has been my character, a kind of trademark,starting something I with the intention of seeing it to fruition or an end but never living up to that bidding. I scaled through smoothly from my primary school to the tertiary institution,no problem whatsoever. Don’t mind me,I had some hitches here and there but that is a different story entirely.

This is a tale of my unfinished businesses. The problem is that I more often than not meander into some ventures without necessarily thinking or making comprehensive plan. The push may emanate just from an emotional thrust triggered by events of the moments,I would delve into it with a detailed analysis of the outcome and the future implication.

As a child I have always wanted to be an international business man,what it takes to be that I never bothered to investigate nor work towards achieving it. I wrote JAMB simply because the form was purchased by the school and we had no option than to take part in it. My dad like you may already know died on a theatre slab which informed the choice of medicine and surgery. With a pass in Maths and English Language and a JAMB score of 198, that dream was discarded just the same way it was brought to the fore. I later got a remedial form from Unical but not before an attempt at Uniuyo or Unicross,whatever. That was the beginning of an eight year stay in Calabar,once again destiny determined by mere fate.

And it has continued throughout my life,none of my decisions or endeavors has been a deliberate one. The hand of fate has always been at work and I follow it sheepishly. Even in businesses, I move with the tide. This has resulted in the collapse of at least four of such ventures,but I still parade around with my Second Class (Upper Division). Shouldn’t I been ashame of it? I know the things I should and shouldn’t do,but do I adhere to them? No. Isn’t that termed foolishness?

It is time to take control of my destiny,fully plan out and analyze my actions. Execute them to logical conclusion and evaluate the outcome, learn from the mistakes and move on. It is easier said than done,but at least a trial wouldn’t hurt.