What the Heck is Happening?

October 24, 2015

The last time I had any form of respite was in 2012 and before that, unfortunately all disappeared and dissipated in 2013.

String or chain of inexplicable events have befallen me since that time in early 2013 when I met her. Our meeting was unplanned, unconventional and a little bizarre, however, it was unprecedented. Her innocence and principled nature hypnotized me and before the warmth of our embrace could get cold, I was damn eager to jump the broom with her. This was quite unlike my usual skeptical, cynical, nonchalant and suspicious self. That was the beginning of a new era. She wasn’t as eager and thrilled as I was, but the hand of fate made something else happened that sealed our fate. The knot was tied on the 28 of March 2013, few months after our first meeting.

The roller coaster then set in. We lost our baby December 29 of the same year through a mysterious circumstance. Before he finally did, we had cleared our accounts and had to borrow to clear the hospital bill.

2014 came with renewed hope, a brighter future anticipated. It will be an opportunity to heal, recover and start afresh. But before we could settle down, dry our tears and begin to learn how to smile again, my mom who had fallen ill since 2013, gave up the ghost. There we went again, through the unfortunate but familiar cycle of crying, mourning, regrets, spending and recovering. Mom was buried in month of March 2014, and we moved on.

My wife got pregnant again and gave birth to a handsome bundle of joy. We were living in a new clean apartment, life was good. That was until the 30th of September, the early morning of my wife’s birthday, when the dare devil armed robbers shattered the peace and tranquility of our new home. They carted away our belongings at gunpoint but left behind trauma that words can’t succinctly capture. Ya, shit do happen, we said and went ahead with our lives. Unfortunately, nature had another plan for us. Nine days later, robbers came calling again, they cut our burglary proof and went away with our television set. In a compound of nine flats, with only five months of our stay, armed robbers have visited four times and attacked only two flats. What is happening?

I had to relocate my wife and newborn. To take away from the traumatic zone. We first sojourned at my brother’s, then my sister’s the finally headed to my wife’s parents. The previous day before we traveled, my wife had call to intimate them of our homecoming. We had prepared to savour the massive welcome party that was to be held in honour of our son, the first and only grandson of Mr. Cyril Effiong. Then you will understand the shock, total bewilderment and disorientation that overwhelmed us when we met the whole house locked up on our arrival. Frantically, calls were placed and information sorted. Then came the news, my father in-law, a not too old man, has fallen into coma. Our planned jubilation had turned into unplanned condolence. The ugly hand of fate has played us again. His condition was terrible, he died few days later.
There we were, away from our home, faced with a mourning party with nowhere to go. What really is going on?


Is This Stupidity?

August 18, 2015

I am supposed to be enjoying my holiday now and also basking in the euphoria of being a first day. Yes, I am a daddy, that’s is a story for another day. But here I am sitting on a cranky seat in a public hospital waiting for an ENT specialist to attend to me. What took you there? That’s a brilliant question, however, the answer wouldn’t be described in the same light. A simple act of pleasure devoid of an intelligence brought me here. That’s an ideal way of describing an act of stupidity that rarely elicits any form of empathy and sympathy.
In the wee hour of yesterday morning I was woken up by the cry of my boy, instead of helping my wife take care of him, I rather succumbed to the desire of my itching ear. I found a cotton bud handy and began to relish in the satisfaction that one gets from soothing the yearning of his ears. Lo and behold, when I brought it out, the cotton conspicuously bud was missing. Where has it gone? The deep recess of my ear. The announcement escaped from my mouth before I could hold it back. Instead of such pronouncement to elicit pity or sympathy from my wife, she gave me a glare that words along can’t do justice to. The way one would stare at a grown up who engaged in childish prank.
The first mistake done, instead of planning on seeing a doctor to bring it out, I “googled” the way out,DIY. I went in search of a pair of tweezers, bought it and brought it back to bring the foreign body off my ear. Unfortunately, I only succeeded in pushing it further in and perhaps sustaining some injuries inside.
Now here I am in BMH, more of a BOH, waiting to see a doctor with terrible ear pain and an inability to chew properly.
Is that stupidity?


August 11, 2013
A female hawker enjoying attention from male customers

A female hawker enjoying attention from male customers

I do wonder what goes on in the minds of those who find fun in abusing young girls while they hawk their wares. Even more intriguing is the major reason why parents and guardians expose these kids on a day-to-day basis to the wimps and caprices of some wolves in sheep clothing. But be as it maybe,what satisfaction is derivable from the actions of the men who engage in this practice?
The fact remains that this practice goes on unabated to the extent that it has become a norm in some areas. Those who don’t indulge in it are the ones regarded as variants. It is my belief that such primitive and crude behaviour is traceable to the dearth of morality in our society. It has indeed become a place where money is the only yardstick for measuring everything. A wealthy man is a man of integrity. It has indeed degenerated to such level,no one can truly tell an absurd behaviour from an acceptable way of life. The kids brought up in such confused environment definitely would direction. To them it is a jungle,a place were everything and anything goes. When the foundation is faulty,what can the righteous do?
This is not a time for complaints,it isn’t time for buck passing. It is a time for well meaning and responsible individual to take up the baton and fight the battle against any perceived societal ill. Silence in the face of atrocity is the betrayal of the gift of voice and those who do that are culpable of the same crime. The battle is ours and the time is now.

The Mind

July 30, 2018

Our mind is a powerful weapon for or against you depending on which side of the divide the issue is viewed from. Nothing is impossible with it.  It symbolizes the nature of God.  There exists no limits to what it imagines.  It is not confined to the boundaries set by human condition. It is free. It explores without confinement.

The translation of these boundless possibilities into physical reality is thwarted by the subjection of such imagination to the scrutiny of the senses. The signals picked up through the optical antenne unconsciously placed a ceiling beyond which such thought process is killed. Only those who have realised the power of the mind and have devise means to destroy the ceilings are the ones who have and can excel.


July 30, 2018

The reality of our existence may sometimes be questionable. The philosophers of old pondered about it.  Some came to the conclusion,  “I think therefore I’m alive “. If I have to agree with them and not doubt my existence,  sorry the reality of my existence; the question that bothers me now is , which one is real?

Please,  you must stay with me on this.  As an individual , one experiences life in different forms,  the “dream” and the real one.  Which one is actually which?  Both have continuity and reality. Are both real?  What then is the purpose of this existence? If you were not brought up as neither a Christian or Moslem,  what answer do you think you will proffer to this poser?  Most of the things we know are either what we are told,  experienced or read. What if there was nothing to lay the foundation of your thoughts on?  What if you erase all those experiences and dig deep inward to unveil this mystery of life?  What do you think you will find?

Life is indeed a mystery , many have attempted an exposition  on it but an inexplicable cloud always hangs on the conclusion of each attempt.

However,  whatever is the case,  makes the most used of it.  You can only regret the actions you didn’t take. Go ahead live life to the fullest.


August 14, 2015

Initially, I was of the same school of thought who believed that GEJ’ tenure should not be probed. And if it has to be, then all past administrations must be probed too. That was then. But now I reason differently, my opinion is that if GEJ’s government is not even probe for the herculean allegation of financial improprieties, then it must be probe for stupidity.

The Linda Ikeji Saga: COMPLACENCY?

October 9, 2014


This life is indeed a maze of twist and turns. Unlike some mazes and puzzles, the key to their resolution is always enmeshed in a pattern. A careful study of the pattern will unravel a previously difficult brain teasing puzzle. But life is not like that, it lacks a definite formula to fathom the way it works. Even my pastor once said that to unravel and understand life, you need to be connected to your source. How do you get linked with your source? The answer lies in the words in the holy book. But here lies another headache, to a mere mortal the words can contradict itself and left him even neck deep in a dilemma.

How do people get out of this kind of conundrum,? Yes, a self inflicted one at that. I was pondering about the recent happening in the blogosphere; the suspension of Linda Ikeji’s blog to be precise. It actually took me on an imaginative excursion to places never traveled. The mind explored all the pros and cons of the argument put across by both fans and haters. Although, I am an ardent reader of that blog, my emotion was quite intact. I actually lacked the ability to express any feeling as the whole drama unfold.

All that came to my mind is just one question? How careless and complacent can one be with his/her source of livelihood? I wish we all learn from such negligence.

I’m Back

July 11, 2014

Sorry for dropping off the radar like that. It has been a wonderful yet busy time for me. A lot has happened in my life that I couldn’t even had time to type it out. I have written some things on paper but transferring them here has been an uphill task. Once again am so so sorry. Am back now and to stay.
I would not want to bore you with all that happened. The fact is that am not sure the internet has the capacity to store all the info if it is in print. That’s an exaggeration,I guess you could tell that. Suffice me to just drops some hints about the important events in my life.
*Am still at my job,that is teaching. It may be challenging but interesting and fulfilling.
*I got married to my heartthrob who said “yes”. Remember her?
*I changed my church from an orthodox one to a more charismatic,energetic and re-invigorating pentecostal one.
It has been interesting. Don’t worry I would share some of it with you. Promise you would keep it a secret from my wife because am not sure she would support our story being shared just like that. All the same,it is so good to be back.

Catch you later!

The Roaches, How I Hate You

July 11, 2014

The time is 4:00am, yes in the wee hour of the morning when sleep is most pleasurable. Yet I have been awake since 2:30am. But why am I awake? Roaches! awoken by a roach. Imagine that devilish creature on my bed. Not only that you had the audacity to climb my bed,crawl on my body but you woke my dear wife too.
That dirty,stinking creature, how much I hate you. You are damned with stench heralding your entry and also a reminder when you are gone. You woke me up again at this unholy hour,the battle line is drawn. Let us see who wins this battle and war.
It has gone on like this for almost a month now,where they come from I can hardly fathom. We are not lively in “bacha”, a temporary structure made of anything many for people to live in but in a one-bedroom flat in a very neat compound. Where then do they come from?
Where ever you stinking bastards emanate from to make my nights with my wife horrible, I promise you one thing; hunt you down and kill you all.

Bamanga Tukur Claims Boko Haram Members Are His Brothers.

July 8, 2014

He made this known in Abuja on Sunday when Islamic clerics led by Uztaz Abdulrahman Yelwa paid him a visit to break the fast.
In his words;
“I appeal to our brothers who are aggrieved to stop killing in the name of Islam. Their sponsors too should avoid Allah’s judgment on the last day on the raging art of killing. It is not too late for them to sheathe swords. This is the month of Ramadan; the killings must stop from now.”

He went further to plead with the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram to sheathe its sword during the Ramadan season and embrace dialogue with the Federal Government.

Isn’t this strange coming from an “Ambassador At Large”

Farouk Lawan And Boniface Emenalo Warned By The Judge Against Delay In The $620,000 Alleged Bribe

July 8, 2014

Justice Adebukola Banjoko of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Gudu, Abuja, has cautioned a former Chairman of the House of Representatives ad hoc Committee on Fuel Subsidy Regime and its ex-Secretary, Farouk Lawan, and Boniface Emenalo against using delay tactics to frustrate their trial.

The judge issued the caution yesterday when the planned commencement of trial in the case against Lawan and Emenalo was stalled because  of the application for a stay of proceedings filed before the Court of Appeal, Abuja, by the accused persons.

Lawan and Emenalo were re-arraigned on a seven-count charge before Justice Banjoko on June 11.

They are accused of receiving bride and abusing their offices in relation to the allegation that they received $620, 000 as bribe from the Chairman,  Zenon Oil and Gas, Mr Femi Otedola.

They allegedly took the bribe ostensibly to exclude the names of Otedola’s companies – Zenon Petroleum and Gas Limited and Synopsis Enterprises Limited – from the list of companies found to have “defrauded” the Federal Government of billions of naira.

The accused were earlier arraigned on the same charge before Justice Mudashiru Oniyangi (formerly of the FCT High Court, Maitama) before his elevation to the Court of Appeal some months ago.

Justice Banjoko, after the proceedings of June 11, adjourned till July 7 for the commencement of the trial.

But yesterday, defence lawyer, Akinyemi Aremu, informed the court that the accused had appealed an earlier decision of the Court of Appeal, Abuja, to the Supreme Court.

They were also said to have applied to the Court of Appeal for a stay of proceedings before the trial court.

“The matter is slated for hearing today. However, we have filed a motion for a stay of proceedings at the Court of Appeal, dated July 4. As settled in plethora of decisions, the proper and tidy thing to do is to stay proceedings pending a resolution of the motion at the Court of Appeal

“The nature of our application is preservatory: once steps are taken, it will destroy the res in the matter. If the court proceeds with the hearing of the matter, the application would have been rendered nugatory,” Aremu said.

He sought an adjournment.

The lead prosecution lawyer, Adegboyega Awomolo (SAN), did not oppose the request for an adjournment.

But he expressed disappointment that the accused persons’ application for a stay of proceedings, filed on July 4, was meant to frustrate the speedy hearing of the case.

 Awomolo, who said he would contest the accused persons’ application for stay of proceedings, asked the court for short adjournment on the ground that it was now the tradition of the court to accord criminal cases expeditious hearing.

Ruling, Justice Banjoko observed that “this is a classic case of delay tactics by the defendants’ counsel. I urge lawyers to rely on their competence rather than employ delay tactics in the defence of their cases.”

She adjourned to October 28 for parties to report development at the Court of Appeal and possible hearing of the case.